Estate Planning

Estate Planning


Estate Planning

We, the estate planning attorneys at Cable Huston, work with clients to tailor estate plans to achieve our clients' goals, including documents to secure the transfer of assets as our clients wish during life and after death, business succession planning, and tax considerations.  We work to maximize family harmony during difficult times by minimizing post-death administrative costs, unnecessary complications, and taxes (estate, generation skipping, gift, and income).

During the estate planning process, we seek to understand our clients’ personal and financial situations and then prepare the plan that best suits their needs and wishes. We help clients in several areas:

Advance Directives for health care

Beneficiary planning for IRAs and other retirement accounts

Charitable giving plans


Life insurance planning

Powers of attorney



Other sophisticated planning


We also represent fiduciaries, both individuals and institutions, with estate and trust administration.  This involves representing executors throughout the probate process and trustees throughout a trust administration, including preparing estate tax returns, distribution planning, reducing fiduciary's liability, and optimizing liquidity for family members and operating businesses. 


If a dispute arises, we represent fiduciaries and beneficiaries at all stages of the conflict.