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Partner, Anita H. Grinich Attends International Law Conference

November 14, 2018

Cable Huston LLP has joined the international legal referral network, Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW).  LAW, a non-profit association, is incorporated under the Swiss Civil Code, with its principal office in Denver, Colorado.  Today LAW is a global association of more than 100 independent law firms located around the globe.  Membership is limited to those firms who are invited after an extensive due diligence process.  Membership in LAW provides Cable Huston's clients with access to more than 4,000 lawyers worldwide in more than 50 countries, thereby allowing us to service the legal needs of our clients in most parts of the world.  Anita H. Grinich, partner, attended the Annual Global Meeting of LAW held in Bangkok, Thailand, October 31-November 4, 2018.  Attendance at this international meeting provided important information to Cable Huston, as well as forging personal relationships with the attorneys in LAW member firms around the globe we may partner with, allowing us to better serve our clients' international needs.  You can learn more about LAW by visiting,